Federer: „I’ll have to take it from day to day“

After his loss against Daniel Brands in Gstaad, Roger Federer gave an interview to Heinz Günthardt, a former pro and a commentator for Swiss TV. Federer talked about his back problems and his plans for the near future.

Roger Federer, people talked a lot about your back problems during the last few days, and they were also the main topic at the press conference. How did these problems affect your game?

The impact was perhaps not as great as one could have expected; I was able to play without feeling hardly any pain. That’s why it was probably more about tennis than about my back. It’s true that we talked a lot about my back at the press conference, but that was primarily because I was going through a bit of a bad patch during the last 7 or 10 days. I never really got to practice without any problems; some days I wasn’t even able to train at all and it was therefore difficult to deliver a top performance. I knew that the match against Brands wouldn’t be an easy one. I was glad that I was able to play at all – for quite some time, it hadn’t looked as though that would even be possible. But after today’s practice I told myself “Yes, I’m fit enough to play this match.” That’s why there’s no other excuse than that my match preparation wasn’t ideal. In the end, Brands was just the better player today.

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