Interview with Ben Rothenberg

Here is the English version of our interview with Ben Rothenberg about Neil Harman’s plagiarism in the Wimbledon yearbooks:

LetsTalkTennis: Ben Rothenberg, when did you first find out about Neil Harman’s plagiarism? 

Ben Rothenberg: I had heard a couple whispers, but really I didn’t know about how significant the plagiarism was until near the end of Wimbledon this year, when I looked through a 2013 book myself. I then ordered the 2012 and 2013 books on Amazon and found a more. I was already convinced something needed to be done, but I ordered 2011 just out of curiosity and when it arrived I was floored. The 30 examples in 2011, like I said in my second story, are much, much worse.

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Kyrgios: „Hitting with Roger was unreal“

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-05 um 17.07.59(Bildquelle:

Nick Kyrgios belongs to a group of young guns who are touted to make life more difficult for the established names in the near future. The big-serving 19 year-old from Australia is regarded as a great talent and supposed to be next in line of many high-flying tennis players from down under. Currently ranked No. 160 in the world, Kyrgios received a wild card for the French Open where he lost in straight sets to Canada’s Milos Raonic. „Milos was too good for me, but I’ll go away and get better“, Kyrgios told LetsTalkTennis after his 1st round exit.

A real highlight, however, awaited Kyrgios in advance of his main draw appearance at Roland Garros. Kyrgios got invited by Roger Federer to spend a week practising with him in Zürich. In this interview with LetsTalkTennis, Kyrgios talks about his time with Roger in Switzerland, the rocky road to being a pro and reveals the names of his best friends on tour.

What was the toughest aspect of your transition from junior to pro?

I still feel I am in that transition really, until I am well established inside the top 100 I would say that I have not fully transferred. The obvious thing is going down to the smaller events again although I have managed to move through the levels pretty quickly. The men’s game is so much more physical too and I’ve had to work hard and keep working hard to improve my physicals.

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Bacsinszky: „I Had Given Up on Tennis“

24-year-old tennis player Timea Bacsinszky from Lausanne is relaxed and happy when we meet for an interview at the not very glamorous tennis club in Kreuzlingen, and she patiently satisfies the ball kids‘ and fans’ autograph requests. Bacsinszky has just won her semi-final against underdog Petra Krejsova from the Czech Republic and celebrated her 14th victory in a row on the ITF Tour. But the fact that Bacsinszky is again at the center of attention and convinces with her good performances is not a given. Not even a year has gone by since she gave up on tennis and devoted herself to another purpose in life. Read on to discover why she’s picked up the racket again – and how she’s found her way back to success.

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Australian Open predictions: The women

The 2014 Grand Slam season has officially arrived as the Australian Open is set to begin next Monday. Who are the favorites? Underdogs? And who are we most looking forward to watch next week? Courtney Nguyen (SI Beyond the Baseline), Amy Fetherolf (The Changeover), Ben Rothenberg (New York Times) and Svenja Mastroberardino (Let’s Talk Tennis) weigh in on the WTA draw.


Serena Williams.
How can you bet against the most dominant woman in the game? If she plays her best no one in the draw will stop her, not even two-time defending champion Victoria Azarenka. Despite her fantastic 2013 season, in which she won a career-best 11 titles, Serena was disappointed she only won two Slams. Her coach Patrick Mouratoglou has already thrown down the gauntlet, saying she could win the Grand Slam this year. Motivation isn’t an issue for her.

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Australian Open predictions: The men

The 2014 Grand Slam season has officially arrived as the Australian Open is set to begin next Monday. Who are the favorites? Underdogs? And who are we most looking forward to watch next week? Courtney Nguyen (SI Beyond the Baseline), Amy Fetherolf (The Changeover), Ben Rothenberg (New York Times) and Svenja Mastroberardino (Let’s Talk Tennis) weigh in on the ATP draw.


Novak Djokovic.
 If Roland Garros is Rafael Nadal’s backyard then Melbourne Park is Djokovic’s house. He’s been gifted a very easy draw which means he’ll likely be well rested compared to his chief rival Nadal (or anyone else that makes it out of the top half) in the final. In the two Slam finals he lost in 2013, Djokovic felt the effects of two five-set semifinals. It would take a huge effort from Nadal to knock him from his perch.

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Schett: „Interviewing Roger Federer is always exciting“

(Picture Copyright: Helge Kirchberger)

Barbara Schett is a former Austrian tennis player who climbed up to 7th place in the WTA ranking in 1999. Since her retirement in 2005, the now 37-year-old is a tennis expert for Eurosport and is still involved in tennis in other ways as well. In an exclusive interview with Let’s Talk Tennis, Schett talks about her „new“ life and both entertaining and boring interviewees, and reveals her most embarrassing experience so far.

Barbara Schett, you’re still involved in tennis even after your retirement and, among other things, are following the Tour as an expert for Eurosport. And you have a family of your own now. How do you do it all?

Schett: I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing without the support of my husband and my parents. Due to my job, I travel to all 4 Grand Slam tournaments and I’m also on-site at the bet-at-home Cup in Kitzbühel and the Generali Ladies in Linz. I spend approximately 12 weeks per year travelling, and the rest of the time I’m a mother and do what other women do, such as going to the playground, and the like …

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Federer: „I’ll have to take it from day to day“

After his loss against Daniel Brands in Gstaad, Roger Federer gave an interview to Heinz Günthardt, a former pro and a commentator for Swiss TV. Federer talked about his back problems and his plans for the near future.

Roger Federer, people talked a lot about your back problems during the last few days, and they were also the main topic at the press conference. How did these problems affect your game?

The impact was perhaps not as great as one could have expected; I was able to play without feeling hardly any pain. That’s why it was probably more about tennis than about my back. It’s true that we talked a lot about my back at the press conference, but that was primarily because I was going through a bit of a bad patch during the last 7 or 10 days. I never really got to practice without any problems; some days I wasn’t even able to train at all and it was therefore difficult to deliver a top performance. I knew that the match against Brands wouldn’t be an easy one. I was glad that I was able to play at all – for quite some time, it hadn’t looked as though that would even be possible. But after today’s practice I told myself “Yes, I’m fit enough to play this match.” That’s why there’s no other excuse than that my match preparation wasn’t ideal. In the end, Brands was just the better player today.

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Ash Barty talks Martina Hingis, Bernie Tomic and Earmuffs

Ashleigh Barty, how much are you enjoying your second Fed Cup tie with the Australian team here in Switzerland?

It’s my first time in Switzerland. I’ve been all around Europe and I’ve always wanted to come to Switzerland. I remember one time in Germany I wanted to ride a bike but we didn’t get a chance to do that. So now I’m here and really enjoying it.

How much can you benefit from spending time with quality players like Sam Stosur?

Obviously it’s great to spend time with Sam, Jarka and Casey. She’s my doubles partner and we mix really well together. It’s great to play as a team because in tennis you don’t get to play in a team very often. So it’s nice to come together and have a bit of fun and work hard.

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Roger Federer: 12 Things You Didn’t Know Yet

Roger Federer (Copyright: Valerie David)
Roger Federer (Copyright: Valerie David)

1. At the age of 13, Roger Federer took the entrance examination to “Tennis Etudes”, a development program for young players organized by Swiss Tennis. The examiners back then attested him “a natural talent as well as basic technique without any major deficiencies“. Although they also criticized him for some physical deficits, he still passed the exam.

2. Roger used to be a vegetarian when he was a child and during much of his youth and only started to eat meat when he was 14. He claims that he likes to eat “anything” nowadays.

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Federer: „I spend a lot of money on clothes“

In an entertaining interview with „„, Roger Federer talks about Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, his twin daughters and fashion.

Roger Federer about…

… being a public figure: „Athletes are judged very harshly on our success. Good today, bad tomorrow, boom, finished – this is where I stick out a little bit – I have been able to change the way people think about athletes.”

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Please Meet: Stefanie Vögele – (Back) in the Fast Lane

Stefanie Vögele reaching the semi-finals at the WTA tournament in Memphis certainly was a Swiss exclamation mark in the world of women’s tennis. After all, it had been two and a half years since the now retired Patty Schnyder was the last Swiss female tennis player to make it to the round of the final four in Linz. But what may come as a surprise to many: Vögele already had her breakthrough on the women’s tour about four years ago. But since then, she’s had to fight her way back again and again after injuries and illnesses and had to overcome her lack of self-confidence. Let’s take a look back.

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The World’s Top Tennis Players’ Reactions to Djokovic’s Victory

Once again there was no getting past Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open. A fact that very much annoyed the tournament’s two other main favorites Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Once the Serb had finished his celebrations, the world’s top tennis players met at Melbourne Airport in this (fictitious) encounter…

Djokovic (obviously dead tired but still drunk with joy and with the trophy stuck in his bag): “Ideeemo!! I’m the Number 1, the only true Number 1! The King of Australia – yeah!!”

Federer (grumbling irritatedly, with Myla Rose on his lap): “If he pulls off his shirt now that would be just what I need. My God, it just couldn’t be worse. He’s now won the Australian Open as many times as me – it just can’t be true!”

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